Vegan pastry on-line class

«Story of vegan cakes».

Start: 20.APRILL.2021

Сlass duration: 9 weeks + life time support and access to content of the class

Class Content: Vegan cakes, frostings, fillings, ganaches, decorations.

Max. number of participants: 20 persons

Languages: English, Russian

Price: 900 EUR

The program of the class.



1st week: Theory of vegan cakes & fillings. Cake Glossary.










2 week: Practice. Vegan cake Red Velvet.

Red Velvet cake 

Vanilla yoghurt frosting with raspberries

White chocolate ganache
Decorations: white chocolate poppy flowers,

white chocolate spheres, tuile.











3 week: Practice. Vegan cake Creme Brulee.


Vanilla white cake

Vanilla custard cream with vanilla seeds 

Caramel cream  

Decorations: marble white chocolate rim,

caramel glass & praline.












4 week: Practice. Vegan Cake Fraisier. + gluten free version

Pistachio cake

Strawberry frosting with fresh strawberries

Pistachio ganache
Decorations: strawberry chocolate sheets.












5 week: Practice. Vegan cake Pistachio - raspberry.

(Gluten free, sugar free)


Pistachio cake

Coconut cream with raspberries 
Decoration: White chocolate bow












6 week: Practice. Vegan chocolate caramel cake.


Chocolate cake 

Caramel cream 


Peanut butter

Dark chocolate ganache

Decorations: Dark chocolate sheets.











7 week: Practice. Vegan carrot cake with orange frosting.


Carrot cake

Orange frosting

Decoration: Caramelized carrot bow











8 week: Practice. Vegan chocolate marzipan cake.

(Gluten free) 


Moist chocolate cake 

Chocolate whipped ganache


Decorations: Marzipan truffles.












9 week: Practice. Vegan 2 tier Dacquoise cake with raspberries.

(Gluten free) 


White velvet cake

Vanilla frosting with raspberries

Almond dacquoise

Decoration: meringue flowers.

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