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Empyreal Pastry


Vegan, Gluten free, Sugar free Choux pastry is now avaliable to learn exclusively in our online academy.

We designed super innovative recipies and techniques and happy to teach you how to make real eclairs and profiteroles which are the same time vegan, gluten free, sugar free. Only healthy natural ingredients, as always, we bring you the best skills in vegan pastry art.

In our choux pastry we don’t use any yeast, soda, baking powder, stabilizers etc. No any ready egg replacers. All the components we make from scratch using available in any store ingredients, all is healthy, and we’ll teach you how to make all the components easily at your home kitchen.

Real eclairs, new level

Price: 1200 EUR

Start date: June 15'th 2024

Duration: Lifetime access


1. Eclairs with vanilla and strawberry custard cream, Strawberry-white chocolate ganache, rhubarb jelly cubes
(gluten free version)

2. Eclairs with meadowsweet herb custard cream, caramelized pear compote, almond chocolate ganache
(gluten free version)

3. Eclairs with lemon zest custard cream, lemon curd, lemon glaze, meringue
(gluten free version)

4. Eclairs with coconut custard cream with fresh coconut, mango compote, passion fruit glaze (gluten free version)

5. Eclairs with vanilla custard cream and dark chocolate ganache 
(gluten version)

6. Choux au craquelin (profiteroles with crunchy cookie crust) with caramel yoghurt cream, liquid caramel, chocolate ganache with roasted hazelnuts 
(gluten free version)

7. Profiteroles with blueberry cream, blueberry coulis, vanilla bean glaze 
(gluten free version)

8. Profiteroles with pistachio whiped ganache, raspberry confit, pistachio glaze 
(gluten free version)

9. Profiterole cake "Cloud": profiteroles with vanilla bean custard cream, white chocolate mousse, white chocolate decorations
(gluten free version)

10. Profiterole cake:
Chocolate profiteroles, with orange-mint custard cream, vanilla mousse, white chocolate decorations
(gluten free version)

Choux pastry online course vegan, gluten free, sugar free

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