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Start: 22.03.2022

Access to the course materials:  7 months

Max. number of participants per group: 20 persons

Languages: English, Russian

Price: 2500 EUR 

Suitable for pro's and for beginners.

you make everything on your own pace, no timeframes, the course is hyper flexible and busy people friendly.

to register email us to:

4 years ago we made the Pastry Evolution, and it was an absolutely hit for a whole pastry industry in the world. And now we made the Pastry Transformation.

It never was anything like what we'll teach you here, vegan, gluten-free and sugar-free mirror glazes, top level entremets, mousses, amazing cakes and even RAW positions. We never use any ingredients like yeast, chemical stabilizers or colorings, or any other unhealthy stuff.
We care our desserts should be maximum delicious, beautiful and really healthy.

Pastry Transformation, this is our newest online
 course which is not just a few steps up in development, it is a complete transformation of pastry art, where our vegan, gluten-free and sugar-free desserts completely exceed in taste and textures any of your ideas about dessert.

1. Theory

2. Individual cake Lemon. Raw (Lemon almond crust, cherimoya custard cream, lemon curd, cashew yoghurt mousse, white chocolate velvet.

3. Individual cake Royal caramel v2.0. Vegan, Sugar free, gluten free. (Chocolate cake, Almond sable in chocolate, almond yoghurt cream, coconut caramel, milk chocolate mousse, chocolate mirror glaze with roasted hazelnut, caramel ganache.)

4.Linden flower raspberry entremet, Vegan, Sugar free, gluten free.
“Honey” cake with raspberry cream, raspberry coulis, linden flower white chocolate mousse, white chocolate mirror glaze, white chocolate leaves.

5. Entremet cake 'Full Moon'. Vegan, Sugar free, gluten free. (Chocolate-hazelnut sable, black currant zephyr, chocolate crunchy layer, coffee-tonka bean caramel, dark chocolate mousse, black currant mirror glaze, chocolate decorations.)

6. Entremet cake 'the Dune'. Vegan, Sugar free, gluten free. (Baklava, almond pastry cream, turmeric tangerine coulis, saffron white chocolate mousse, chocolate velor.)

7. Pistachio strawberry Individual cake in chocolate shell 'Fraisier', Vegan, Sugar free, gluten free. Pistachio cake, Strawberry compote, Strawberry mousse, White chocolate shell

8. Raspberry Iceberg v2.0 Coconut raspberry mango individual cake decorated chocolate flowers. Vegan, Sugar free, gluten free. Coconut sable, moist coconut cake, mango vanilla cremeux with pieces of fresh mango, raspberry white chocolate mousse, white chocolate decorations

9. Entremet cake 'Passion Cotton'. Chocolate cake, Passion friut cremeux, vanilla custard cream mousse, white chocolate shell, decorations chocolate cotton flowers. Vegan, Sugar free, gluten free.

10.Liquorice Cherry individual cake. Vegan, Sugar free, gluten free. Red velvet cake, yoghurt white chocolate based mousse, cherry compote, liquorice mirror glaze.

11.2 tier layered Napoleon Cake. Vegan, Sugar free, gluten free. Decorated with chocolate leaves.


to register email us to

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