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Vegan pastry online class «Pastry Evolution»


Learn how to create the top level vegan desserts from world leading vegan pastry chefs Sabina Hambarava & Alexey Korotkevich.


Start: instant access after payment

Сlass duration:( you do all on your own pace, we don't set any timeframes or deadlines) lifetime access to the course and support

Class Content: Vegan entremets & macarons.

Language: English

Price: 300 EUR (currently on sale -50%, price is 150 EUR, sale active 30'th June - 1'st July)Suitable for pro's and for beginners. 

The program of the class.


1st week: Theory of vegan entremets.




2 week: Practice. Individual cake «Royal Caramel»


Chocolate cake

Almond sable crunch in chocolate with caramel yoghurt cream

Liquid caramel

Dark chocolate mousse

Dark chocolate mirror glaze with roasted hazelnuts

Chocolate caramel ganache







3 week: Practice. Banana individual cake.


Chocolate brownie 

Caramelized bananas 

Caramel white chocolate based mousse 

Banana white chocolate mirror glaze

White chocolate mirror glaze

Chocolate decoration







4 week: Practice. Vegan entremet cake "Bottomless Violet"


Angel food cake 

Crushed almond dacquoise layer

Blueberry cremeux 

Pineapple compote 

Blueberry mousse 

Pineapple mirror glaze









5 week: Practice. Vegan entremet cake «Cherry Fog». 


Moisture chocolate cake

Chocolate ganache


Cherry compote

Dark chocolate mousse

Dark chocolate mirror glaze

Cherry mirror glaze







6 week: Practice. Vegan individual cake «Ocean glow".


Poppy seed cake 

Vanilla «cheesecake» 

Quince compote with saffron 

Almond chocolate based mousse 

Almond chocolate shell. 







7 week: Practice. Vegan gluten-free individual cake "Raspberry iceberg". 
Almond dacquoise with dried raspberries

Moist coconut cake (gluten-free)

Mango-vanilla cremeux with pieces of fresh mango

Raspberry white chocolate mousse 
White chocolate velvet







8 week: Practice. Vegan gluten-free individual cake «Passion Cotton».

Chocolate-almond sable (gluten-free)

Chocolate mousse

Vanilla custard cream

Chocolate mirror glaze

Dark chocolate cotton calyx filled with passion fruit cremeux

White chocolate based vanilla mousse cotton balls

White chocolate velvet







9 week: Theory of Vegan macarons. Practice.


Pistachio white chocolate macarons.

Intensive strawberry macarons.

Mango jasmine white chocolate macarons.

To get registered, contact us here:

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