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Future Chocolate


1000 EUR


Lifetime acess

About the Course

As always, we bring absolutelly the best of techniques and recipies of vegan pastry, the most innovative and progressive knowledge you may get.

Joining this online course you'd be able to make a high quality, shiny bonbons with amazing fillings. All the content developed by ourselves and it's super unique and excliusive. We teach how to make top level chocolates, bonbons and how to work with chocolate, it never was anythig like that before, raw vegan bonbons. All the units included to the course are vegan, sugar-free, gluten-free, and 30% units are fully raw! Join and learn the future of bonbons.

We use only natural, healthy ingredients, no any refined or chemical stuff. We offer you simply the best content in every sense.

We do care of the ingredients we use in our courses should be available in every country, or if it's something missing, like tonka beans which are banned in some countries, or some season fruit, etc, so it could be easily replased, without lost of taste, quality or design. So no difference where you're from, you may do this cource staying in any country.

The course is suitable for pro's and for beginners as well, it's hyper flexible, and busy people friendly, no timeframes, everyone may make all the lessons on her/his own pace. It's pre recorded video lessons with super detailed explanation, and all the video content is also texted.

You may learn it everywhere you have your device (smartphone, tablet, mac, pc etc) internet browser installed and internet connection, super simple and comfortable platform to learn.

We're always here to support our students, we're here to give you the best of vegan, sugar free, gluten-free and raw chocolatier skills.

We're happy to see you here.

Your Instructor

Sabina Hambarava & Alexey Korotkevich

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