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We welcome you to our online Academy.

Vegan Pastry Academy by Sabina Hambarava & Alexey Korotkevich, pioneers of modern vegan, gluten free, sugar free pastry.

We bring you the future of pastry.

We're vegan pastry developers who discovered vegan versions of mirror glazes, entremets and other elements of modern pastry which were counted impossible before we made it, and then we made the same but now vegan, gluten-free, and sugar free. 

We use only vegan, natural, organic products for our pastry creations. No palm oil, no refined products, no any chemical food colorings, stabilizers, yeast, and other unhealthy components.

We care about health, quality, taste, look, ethic, nature and design.

We offer you absolutely the best of vegan, gluten-free & sugar-free pastry recipies and techniques.

Save the planet, learn the top of vegan pastry.

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