Vegan pastry on-line class «Pastry evolution»


Learn how to create the most impressive & top level vegan desserts from the most progessive vegan pastry chefs Sabina Hambarava & Alexey Korotkevich.


Start: 11.11.2019

Сlass duration: 9 weeks + 2 weeks support and access to content of the class

Class Content: Vegan entremets & macarons.

Max. number of participants: 20 persons

Languages: English, Russian

Price: 1500 EUR

Suitable for pro's and for beginners.


The program of the class.


1st week: Theory of vegan entremets.




2 week: Practice. Individual cake «Royal Caramel»


Chocolate cake

Almond sable crunch in chocolate with caramel yoghurt cream

Liquid caramel

Dark chocolate mousse

Dark chocolate mirror glaze with roasted hazelnuts

Chocolate caramel ganache







3 week: Practice. Banana individual cake.


Chocolate brownie 

Caramelized bananas 

Caramel white chocolate based mousse 

Banana white chocolate mirror glaze

White chocolate mirror glaze

Chocolate decoration







4 week: Practice. Vegan entremet cake "Bottomless Violet"


Angel food cake 

Crushed almond dacquoise layer

Blueberry cremeux 

Pineapple compote 

Blueberry mousse 

Pineapple mirror glaze









5 week: Practice. Vegan entremet cake «Cherry Fog». 


Moisture chocolate cake

Chocolate ganache


Cherry compote

Dark chocolate mousse

Dark chocolate mirror glaze

Cherry mirror glaze







6 week: Practice. Vegan individual cake «Ocean glow".


Poppy seed cake 

Vanilla «cheesecake» 

Quince compote with saffron 

Almond chocolate based mousse 

Almond chocolate shell. 







7 week: Practice. Vegan gluten-free individual cake "Raspberry iceberg". 
Almond dacquoise with dried raspberries

Moist coconut cake (gluten-free)

Mango-vanilla cremeux with pieces of fresh mango

Raspberry white chocolate mousse 
White chocolate velvet







8 week: Practice. Vegan gluten-free individual cake «Passion Cotton».

Chocolate-almond sable (gluten-free)

Chocolate mousse

Vanilla custard cream

Chocolate mirror glaze

Dark chocolate cotton calyx filled with passion fruit cremeux

White chocolate based vanilla mousse cotton balls

White chocolate velvet







9 week: Theory of Vegan macarons. Practice.


Pistachio white chocolate macarons.

Intensive strawberry macarons.

Mango jasmine white chocolate macarons.

Last group.

We never stop, we always evolve, and it's time to move on.

We close the course and it's the last students recruitment for Pastry Evolution online course.

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